shattered hearts shattered glass (turnitonce) wrote,
shattered hearts shattered glass

counting numbers isnt as easy as 123...

So today was the inventory I tried so hard to be ready for- I basically made it. It was ok. The countings weren't right so there were a lot of corrections. But if that was right it would have gone so smoothly! I got mad at the end when no one was helping clean up properly and I had to tell my dm to tell them what to do. Lol who do I think I am? That's what happens when I get mad! I still have to alpha and clean the store but the basics are done- so its ready to start making it good!!

Oh the wifey-
That's another story. May be too long to write in here. One day.....
I don't think she's figured out her decisions effect me... And I don't think she's figured out she's the only one whose ever come side by side w my work. I make as much time for her as possible. Other girls I didn't even attempt to try to see.
One day hopefully she will get it, before its too late. I always feel like I'm going to loose her..... Guess its my own fault..
Anyway that's an update ill have later.

Crif dog laterrrrr sooooo excited! Then vampires tomorrow! Loooooveeeee it!!

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