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Wow. What to say.
Its been a long time lots has changed. For one thing me!
I live in my own house! 4 bedrooms right on the beach! Well its across the street behind the house that I see from my door lol but its close enough! I have an awesome new car! Awesome new job! A set of new friends and still a few old ones (the good ones anyway)! I have the coolest dog ever! She is circus dog! So well trained (sorta) and so damn cute! Everyone falls inlove w her! And the other dog I have is such a sweetheart! She does circle on command that's about it lol!
Life is going well finally!
Everything I wanted its good!

My sister got married to her partner of 10years! That was a crazy time! Alyssa came from cali and I can't wait to finally visit her!

I have no regrets in life which is a pretty great place to be in! I realize that I've made mistakes that cost me things I wish didn't, but it made me the person I am now. Had I not done those things I wouldn't have had enough strength to get thru the hard days and make them great. It gave me the drive to make the best out of my life! And that's why I don't regret anything, can't help but be embarressed of a few things but hey we all do stupid drunken things right? Right!

Ok so I guess that's all I have for now!

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