shattered hearts shattered glass (turnitonce) wrote,
shattered hearts shattered glass

 hmmm there isnt much to update though.
but i'll take a go for you:)

well i'm still kinda smitten for this girl. gives me a reason to get up in the AM!
my parents got a new pool put in. its been kinda crazy here bc of it.
but its gunna be kinda sweet once its all finished!
i miss all my friends!
i got my hairs cut!
ive been watching a lot of movies lately!
i need to go out drinking asap!
there really isnt anything interesting to talk about!
i have no boss at work so i leave super early every day basically!
i need a nap!
but i cant sleep alone:(
sometimes i just make friends hang out with me so i can fall asleep!

really you should just update this thing bc you have more interesting things to write about!
nothing changes in my life!

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who's the giiiiiirl!?

Time for news pics! I wanna see your hair cut!

I'm so not bribing you to hang out again! lol

I need a nap too (omg I typed NAD instead of NAP... I had to change it)

Dude... I can't even begin to tell you how crazy my life is right now. The last 3 days have fucked. My stomach is upside down. Nothing I want to write about on here though.

Life is fucking insane and stagnate at the same time. Go figure. I don't like New jersey.
I meant NEW, not NEWS

I'm SURE you figured that out. I just... had to... clear that up