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[22 Mar 2010|12:41am]
 so i'm not a happy guy today....

i am sitting home alone. sick. my dogs are at my moms house bc i work a lot and wont really be home. but right now i am home and right now i am alone. i just feel crappy tonight.

nothing really important to update with i guess.
i dont know.
i did go to california for my bday and hopefully i'll update about that soon, but right now i am just so sad and tired i'm going to go to bed.

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[15 Jan 2010|09:07pm]

Work is still extremely stressful!!
Altho I think my store is better than most stores I'm still not where I want my store to be at!!

I wish I had more hrs in a day- I don't have time to sleep....

That's all for now. Just wantd to complain for a hottt second
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[07 Oct 2009|12:56pm]
I think we are making our way to 72 hours!

I'm not really going to work today. I'm going to do 4hours.get as much done as I can and peace out. I hate work. I need another asm who can do things! I need the pressure to be more even. Its on me and leo... I need another strong worker w that store. At my old store 2 of us was good. Here I need at least 5 people on my page- and I have half of one. Blah. Let's see what happens-

Today we will hopefully go get my hairs cut, get my meds, and get some dog chewies for the dogs bc they kept me up very late last night!

I love spending time w my wife. She makes me so happy. Its the best feeling in the world when ur so sure of something and so happy and u just know life will be good.
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[06 Oct 2009|07:47pm]
I am walking to the new store to help out... I do what I can. Really I just wanna b involved bc I love store openings.I still wish I could have that job. But there wil be a time when its not as good... We won't be opening stores forever. But then u do store closings and reopenings again so yeah idk I like it. Its crazy like everything is everywhere. But when u kno the process inside n out it flows. I think I'd be too stressed out. I'm usually the one keeping the disaster as clean as possible! Yes I'm a loser hahah oh my ocd!

I miss my wife very much. She came to see me on her break- I love seeing her beautiful face. She makes me forget where I am sometimes.

Last night we were watching a show and this couple got married after 3months. I laughed at first, having my normal reaction of who does that. Then I looked over and saw her face. And realized I guess when you know who ur going to marry, why wait? I'm not saying we will get married tomorrow, but I know I will be with her forever. She has my entire heart :)

Ok its hard to try to find this place and type at the same time!!

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[05 Oct 2009|08:22pm]
So I'm at work alphabatizing- I feel like this stuff will never get done if I don't do it myself! I feel like that abt everything in this store- it will always keep me busy.

In my personal life-
I am completely inlove w my gf- I can't wait until she is really my wife... Hopefully not too long. I do have some personal issues I need to work out before that happens so it won't be right away... But it will happen so I call her my wife now. No point in waiting for the title right!?
It hurts when I'm away from her. She really is what keeps me going. I don't think I would have handled this new store so well if not for her. God I love her w my entire heart!

Actually she just showed up!
Update more later
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and the britney song was on [03 Oct 2009|07:42am]
I wonder if she knows I talk to her in her sleep too?!
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counting numbers isnt as easy as 123... [01 Oct 2009|03:17pm]
So today was the inventory I tried so hard to be ready for- I basically made it. It was ok. The countings weren't right so there were a lot of corrections. But if that was right it would have gone so smoothly! I got mad at the end when no one was helping clean up properly and I had to tell my dm to tell them what to do. Lol who do I think I am? That's what happens when I get mad! I still have to alpha and clean the store but the basics are done- so its ready to start making it good!!

Oh the wifey-
That's another story. May be too long to write in here. One day.....
I don't think she's figured out her decisions effect me... And I don't think she's figured out she's the only one whose ever come side by side w my work. I make as much time for her as possible. Other girls I didn't even attempt to try to see.
One day hopefully she will get it, before its too late. I always feel like I'm going to loose her..... Guess its my own fault..
Anyway that's an update ill have later.

Crif dog laterrrrr sooooo excited! Then vampires tomorrow! Loooooveeeee it!!

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i didnt know anyone else returned... [28 Jul 2009|07:11pm]
If u ever need a friend you have to know ill be there for you. I'm a sucker like that. I'm in a way better situation than I was 4months ago and I have enough in me to help my friends now. I don't care that we aren't friends anymore I'll always be here if I'm needed. I just wanted to make sure you know that incase you needed someone to talk to.

Wish you the best of luck kiddo.
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update! [28 Jul 2009|05:05pm]
Wow. What to say.
Its been a long time lots has changed. For one thing me!
I live in my own house! 4 bedrooms right on the beach! Well its across the street behind the house that I see from my door lol but its close enough! I have an awesome new car! Awesome new job! A set of new friends and still a few old ones (the good ones anyway)! I have the coolest dog ever! She is circus dog! So well trained (sorta) and so damn cute! Everyone falls inlove w her! And the other dog I have is such a sweetheart! She does circle on command that's about it lol!
Life is going well finally!
Everything I wanted its good!

My sister got married to her partner of 10years! That was a crazy time! Alyssa came from cali and I can't wait to finally visit her!

I have no regrets in life which is a pretty great place to be in! I realize that I've made mistakes that cost me things I wish didn't, but it made me the person I am now. Had I not done those things I wouldn't have had enough strength to get thru the hard days and make them great. It gave me the drive to make the best out of my life! And that's why I don't regret anything, can't help but be embarressed of a few things but hey we all do stupid drunken things right? Right!

Ok so I guess that's all I have for now!

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[14 Nov 2008|12:46am]
so confused.
i hate not knowing what i want.
that and i hate knowing what i want and then people fucking me over.
because i dont stay around when that shit happens....
fuckin a.
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[12 May 2008|12:48pm]
pretty much amazing.
ive barely slept!

so i took the kids to hershey park!!!!
holy crap amazing!
i didnt sleep the night before and thought i'd be super tired and complain a lot but not at all! i kinda forgot that i didnt sleep! and then when i remembered why i didnt sleep i was happy anyway so it didnt affect me at all!
we got there and they wanted to start out slow with rollercoasters. i was having a panic attack bc i dont like rides lol! so the first one we go on, they tell me doesnt go upside down at all! ok so we are next and i see that it does and there is only a lap bar. very nervous now. having major panic attack! i made tamara go on with me and we survived! then we kept working our way up to the big ones!
t-bird made me go on so many it was funny! then she made me go upfront with her on pretty much the scariest rollercoaster in the world!!!
the things i do for a pretty girl! lol all she had to do was say please and i was there!
it was fun though!
we got a picture with a reeses! AMAZING!
seriously, i love those kids with all my heart!
i could sit here and write about our insane adventures and i'm sure that i will but right now i have so many things to do!
but i am so excited to hang out with them more and now i really can bc i'm no longer their boss just friend!!!

i'm really excited for tonight! i havent seen them in such a long time, bc their ticket prices went from 5 dollars to 40dollars. wtf? lol tricia remember when no one was at their shows or knew who they were? i use to get made fun of in high school for liking them, now those same kids will use their lyrics on their aim profiles... pffft!!!

anyway, like i said i'll update more about our trip bc i need to document the insane things that happened!
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i dont mind listening to you sing.... [02 May 2008|01:52pm]
yeah i really dont even know...
i think i'm having an anxiety attack that i forced her to do something she didnt want to do. but i did ask.
i'm polite like that!


THE KILLS were GREAT!!! it was the first time i've ever been that far back. i was standing on my tippytoes just to see! sometimes even just looked at the screen! weird. but i kinda didnt mind it:)
i got drunk.
of course.
made a fool of myself.
ya know!

waiting for that second interview call....
very nervous...
but unless it goes really terrible i think i have it!

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[21 Apr 2008|04:12pm]
thank you.
really i needed to vomit 3 times today.
it was a great way to start my day!!!
thank god i have amazing friends who calmed my ass down.
so help you god if i ever find out you were there....
anyway i vented enough on this.
and i need to go now ha
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[14 Apr 2008|04:35pm]
 hmmm there isnt much to update though.
but i'll take a go for you:)

well i'm still kinda smitten for this girl. gives me a reason to get up in the AM!
my parents got a new pool put in. its been kinda crazy here bc of it.
but its gunna be kinda sweet once its all finished!
i miss all my friends!
i got my hairs cut!
ive been watching a lot of movies lately!
i need to go out drinking asap!
there really isnt anything interesting to talk about!
i have no boss at work so i leave super early every day basically!
i need a nap!
but i cant sleep alone:(
sometimes i just make friends hang out with me so i can fall asleep!

really you should just update this thing bc you have more interesting things to write about!
nothing changes in my life!

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[27 Feb 2008|06:39am]
so there have def been a lot i wanted to update about, i just havent had any time at all... even now, i should be leaving for work now... and here i am. lol its 639am and here i am watching tv and updating. when i'm already late for work. good thing i gave a key to someone else to get there on time HA! love being the boss sometimes. sometimes not so much though!

so lets see... last week, jamie and i went to a fashion party!
and yes, you did read that correctly. i'll write it again.
jamie and i went to a fashion party!!!!
just some really great things about that:
so we show up, and we look good for us! not all crazy fashioned out, but really good lookin!
well we get there and stand on a huge line. then get all the way downstairs and our names are not on the list!
ok so its a private party your names gotta be on the list. and ours was! just not yet! lol
so the girl was so nice and tried really hard to find us and then was like maybe you wanna call someone?
so we go upstairs, and email the person who was suppose to put us on the list, bc we are all trying to be not annoying....
so now we are back upstairs.
mind you this was on the coldest day of the year, and we didnt wear big jackets, bc we wanted to be fashionable! lol
so we wait, and wait and wait and wait.
then finally we decide to just get on line and try again downstairs.
well after standing on a line for about an hour we find out that they are not letting anyone else in!!!!
its closed now!
they obviously had too many people in that place!!!
the only people they were letting in were the people on the band list.
ok so this was a fashion party for the nylon magazine and the kills were playing bc they were on the cover and whatnot.
well! thats the list we were suppose to be on!!!!!
so finally we go up to the bouncer guy and say hey, i hear they are only letting people on the kills list in and no one else... and he says yea, and i say well im on the list. so he lets us go back downstairs to that same girl who says uhm you guys still arent on this list....
so i say, well is their anyway you can go find the band? bc we have an email confermation from the band members personal addy that we are going to be on the list. and i show her it with my very high tech awesome blackberry.
and she goes, no i know youre suppose to be on it, you guys have that vibe! i know your not trying to scam your way in! i feel ya!
girl was soooo awesomely nice and awesome to us!!!!
so she calls a guy over and tells him the story and he was a dick and was like if your not on the list, your not allowed in!!!! dick!!!!
we see a band member... and while the guy is trying to kick us out i try to call out to the band member. well, he didnt hear me, and for some reason my reaction was to scream his name louder lol... idk? i was in a panic we were getting kicked out yet again to that freezing cold weather!!!!!
so i ask where the other band member is and he tells me she is right behind him! so i tell the little guy we just have to wait for her and she will tell you that we are on the list! so then she is coming down the stairs and he goes go up to her and see... idk why he wouldnt just let us wait there for her to come down. so he made us go up the stairs. very awkward. so she goes crap are you guys having trouble getting in too!!! apparently they got the wrong guest list and totally fucked up their list so NONE of their friends have been able to get in....
now we felt super bad!!! bc we kinda caused a lil scene. not too bad but ya know, bad for us bc we are soooo none scene causers we dont like to draw attention to us!!!
so she goes, we will get it straightened out asap brb.
and so the guy goes, go wait upstairs.
so now we are kinda standing on the inside of the rope outside but to the edge where all the people are...
so this little girly comes up to me and goes, excuse me, are you working the door, my name is on the list...
so i say no im not working the door! and laugh and say everyones name is on the list.
then she turns to my sister and goes, well are you working the door! lol
how funny!!!!
so then we wait and EVERYONE is getting pissed bc like i said, everyones name was on the list, it was a private party, you didnt know where it was unless you were on the list, i guess they didnt expect everyone to actually go. but so the place was sold out and about 400 people stood outside. all very fashioned out! lol
and they all thought we were working the door! ha!
so then finally a little guy comes up with a clipboard.
and people are talking to him and he is letting people in. 
THEN we finally see a boy we use to talk to who use to tour with the kills back when only like ten people were at their shows, now, good luck getting a ticket to see them!
and then we see him talk to the clipboard guy and then go in!
so now we know thats the kills updated list obviously.
so i go up to him, ask him if thats the updated list and tell him our name.
he asks to see id!
and in we go!
now the guy tries to send us back down to that same girl who doesnt have the updated list lol and then finally he stops us and has us go thru a diff door! thank god, i didnt wanna have to cause a scene again HAHAHAHA!!!!
so we get in, go to the front of stage and YAY we get to see them play!!
well, we actually ended up waiting like two hours, eventhough by the time we got in was their scheduled time to go on, obviously they pushed that back a bit! lol
now we are hanging out with all the fashion kids inside!
they were all super young, i was thinking, mostly interns lol!!!!
a few smokin hotttt girls however!
and i liked when they were talking to me! lol
anyway, we see the show, and it was great!
but really, its hysterical that me and my sister went to a fashion party and people thought we were working the door! that just shows you how out of place we would be at a fashion party. although we did look damn hotttt that day lol
after the show i went back to that girl to tell her we got in! bc really she was trying everything to get us in. i think if she knew she'd have a job after sneeking us in, she would have! and she was all, im happy i was worried and i knew you guys werent trying to pull anything over me, that you were suppose to be on the list.
really she knew bc well, we obviously like bands and music, i think you can tell that about us. and we obviously werent some little fashion bitch just trying to get in. which by the way, i did see a few girls just flirt with the door guy and get in lol. oh being able to flirt your way into things must be fun lol.
and thats the shortened version of that night!!! lol
i'll update more about the last few weeks eventually, thats all i have time for now. i'm already super LATE!!!!
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[10 Feb 2008|01:52pm]
i've been  having really weird dreams lately....
like seriously...

so we wont discuss the one the other night... but last night i had this dream about a girl who looks, acts and walks exactly like hannah! can we tell that i miss them? its been like a year. i'm so not use to that. i use to see them for weeks at a time, every few months. what the hell! this is why i need to move west! seattle or portland will be just fine!
anyway, so this girl, was an animal person. she ended up putting dolfins in my pool? yeah idk? and i talked her ear off about all sorts of things. which is weird bc when i meet people we all know i dont talk at all. i never can think of interesting things to say bc i'm too busy trying to not look like an idiot that nothing comes to my head. but not this time. i guess thats why it was a dream right? anyway, so we had a lot of really interesting conversations! and it was great! someone i could really get into discussion about! thats my fav. i need someone who can talk to me for hours about anything and everything. and not get too insane about things. for instance me and jeremy use to talk about religion and politics all the damn time. yet we had two totally diff views and at the end of the conversations we wouldnt be hating on eachother we would just finally agree to disagree! i love that. i miss that. clearly which is why i had a dream about it!


oh dreams.
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"I rock peas on my head, but don’t call me a pea head" [31 Jan 2008|04:31pm]
[ mood | dorky ]


(ĭ-lĕk-trĭs'ĭ-tē, ē'lĕk-) pronunciation

    1. The physical phenomena arising from the behavior of electrons and protons that is caused by the attraction of particles with opposite charges and the repulsion of particles with the same charge.
    2. The physical science of such phenomena.
  1. Electric current used or regarded as a source of power.
  2. Intense, contagious emotional excitement.
(number 3 is my favorite)

People take electricity for granted.

I've been getting shocked a lot this Winter... it really hurts sometimes. My boss told me to stop dragging my feet. Problem is, I don't drag my shoes/feet when I walk. Today a big spark happened! Some of my hair has been sticking up ever since.

I'm afraid to touch anything that might shock me now; I probably look like a spaz when I open the door to my car. (It's done veeerrry slowly OR I tuck my sleeve around my hand)

It helps.

I learned how to do the Soulja Boy Dance!    "Watch me Crank It ,Watch me Roll" <--------- I like that part

I watched this video (below) over and over until I memorized it. Next time you see me, ask me to show you!

peace and luv betches!!!!

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[25 Jan 2008|09:31pm]
 ....she makes me smile....

so i'm watching top gun and goose just died:( seriously so super sad!

we watched all the episodes of one tree hill last night... i think it may be starting to get interesting? idk, its obviously the last season, but if i didnt know that already you could tell lol.

i dont really have anything interesting to say.

we are going to the city tomorrow:) with the family. well with jamie, beth... my older sister and her bf. yay! lots of fun!
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[21 Jan 2008|02:25am]

so i just read some private posts to make me happy bc i am that terribly sad at the moment. and it worked. thank you al for making me happy without even knowing it haha!

tricia, i think i am an honorary gossip member, i need a damn haircut too! hahaha

--eat drink and be merry for tomorrow you may be dead--

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[21 Jan 2008|01:59am]
 so just a reminder... i post a lot of friends only things, so if you wanna be added lemme know... i'm back to posting random things about my life... it keeps me going! none of its important. but it helps me when i write it down!
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